We have a few different ways to combat this problem with our system.

Requiring customers to verify their phone numbers

By default, the system requires customers to validate their callback number before they can place their order. This requires the customer to receive a call or text message and enter in a confirmation code at checkout.

Flagging a customer

If you are getting fake/fraudulent orders placed by a customer, you can have them flagged by our system to prevent them from placing orders again.

Allow only registered customer to place orders

Also, you could allow only registered customers to place online orders to further minimize the chance of people placing fake orders randomly. Or, you may want to call the customer first to double check the order before preparing the food if it’s an order placed by a non-registered customer, especially when it is a large order.

Processing credit card payments in real-time

We highly recommend that restaurants use Online Credit Card Payment Processor, in this case, the restaurant’s payment processor would verify customer’s payment info and process their credit card in real-time, ensuring they have paid prior to you fulfilling the order.

We suggest you should always be cautious when a large order comes in late at night. You should always contact the customer for a large order to make sure if the order is genuine. :)

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