We provide your restaurant with

  • Free website, domain & hosting

    We offer you a hassle free online ordering website with a domain that matches your restaurant’s brand, fully optimized for SEO and Social Media integration.

  • Free online menu

    The initial setup of your online menu is on us. We support unlimited menu items for multiple restaurant locations (if needed).

  • Unlimited online orders

    Be free of confusing pricing tiers, because we like to keep it simple. Accept as many orders as your restaurant can fill and feed lots and lots of hungry customers

  • Unlimited coupons and digital offerings

    Create as many digital coupons, specials or discounts as you want for free to reward your customers.

  • All-in-one Manager App and extra ways to receive online orders

    Keep track of your online orders with DinersMenu Manager App. Never miss an online order again! Choose to receive orders however you like and watch the orders fly in.

  • Access your sales performance and customer data

    Stay informed and discover your sales trends and customer spending patterns. Make the most of your customer data and send them email campaigns, whatever you want to do, at any time.

  • Rebates on volume of orders

    Get rewarded for taking more orders. Rebates are applied automatically.

  • First class support 7 days a week

    You can contact us via email, phone or live chat directly from the Manager App.

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